Friday, September 28, 2007

Getting Read cont'd

Well, I guess there is some wisdom in going where the readers are. I've only posted three pages so far of Scary Mary to, and I have gotten a couple comments.

Now I know some may sneer at posting work at a place like FictionPress. But one has to wonder what the goal is of posting online if not to get read. I will continue to try and funnel people to the blog, but I think it may be frowned upon by fictionpress, though I haven't found anything explicitly stating that on their website.

What is my goal by posting Scary Mary on the web?

I don't know. I mean I have outrageous dreams, but realistic expectations? I'm don't know what those are. How low should I set the bar? And by doing this, am I actually lowering my standards?

This is all so new to me. I don't know what to expect. What is the yardstick of success with this stuff? A few readers? A few links? And is any of this sustainable?

That's one thing I've been wondering about: Sustaining a fiction writing career on the web. One has to keep cranking stuff out to keep being noticed on the web. Going stagnant, not updating, not generating content is a sure fire way to land in the internet graveyard.

So how does one keep moving? I have another book I think I'll post after Scary Mary is done, but it is rather different from SM. The story is geared to an older audience, and I don't think siphoning teens to it is all that smart, but maybe I should. It's not X-rated. Not even a hard R by MPAA standards.

At any rate, I'm gonna keep going and see where this rabbit hole leads.

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