Saturday, September 22, 2007


I know I don't have any regular readers, but for anyone who stumbles onto this site or clicks on one of the links that are scattered about looking for Scary Mary, it now has its own blog.

I'm hoping that the new blog will be more palpable to surfers. I do like the design of the new site, though I am hoping to spruce it up more. Make it more Web 2.0

Windvein's Writings will become a place for me to ruminate on electronic writing and post news about my project(s).

I've been reading a bit about all things blook. There are quite a few wonderful blook focused blogs out there (and I'm going to link to them in the sidebar), and I've come to the realization that Scary Mary is not a blook, not yet at least. A blook is a blog that has been gathered, edited, and traditionally published. What I have is a novelog.

Novelogs are novels published using the blog format. Novelogs are not packaged into single files like ebooks, and commenting, linking, and other e-content is possible. Novelogs never have to be final drafts. Prose can be edited and easily changed. I don't plan on blooking Scary Mary for a while. I want feedback, and I will be making revisions. Even when the final chapter is blogged, SM will still be a work-in-progress.

How am I making my novel better by making it into a novelog? Well for now, I'm going link crazy with it. I have a ton of pop culture references in Scary Mary, and many readers have told me that they are a little dated. Well, I still like the references, so instead of trying to shoehorn a new pop reference into the text, I am linking pages that will allow readers to quickly go and understand the reference. I'm trying to make all links open in a new window with the target="_blank" addition. This is in hopes that once the reader has glanced at the site, s/he can think, "Oh right," close the window, and come back. Though some of my links may keep the reader for a bit while s/he explores, which could be problematic, but I'm not going to worry about that right now.

Well, please click over to Scary Mary and read what's up. I will continue to publish new content there every Friday, though I don't have many chapters left.

Once that's done, my marketing campaign will begin. Be afraid.

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