Friday, October 12, 2007

Good Ideas?

I've been wondering how to promote Scary Mary and really the question is how do you promote a novelog?

What's appropriate?

I've been looking at various things and considering them. I've already posted on a few bulletin boards that were okay/allowed to post/promote on and gotten a few clicks.

I've been thinking about other spots.

I've come up with a list of likely places it would be nice to get novelogs into:

1. Library Thing - an online cataloging/social networking site.
2. What's on my Bookshelf - A book swap site, their slogan is "Connecting People with Books". It'd be nice to connect Scary Mary to some readers...
3. Book Mooch - Another book swapping site.

I figure if novelogs are free then in spirit, these sites might be interested in them. They have nothing set up currently for novelogs, though maybe Library Thing does, if the work has an ISBN.

I'm considering approaching these sites about posting a little something to direct users to electronic writing. It could just be a topic on a discussion board, but I don't want to write to them until Scary Mary is done.

Trying to find novelog promotion on the internet is tough work. One reason is the word isn't used. Blook is used interchangably, but out of respect for Cheryl Hagedorn, I'm using novelog, and it does help to differentiate between fiction content that is only available on a blog and a blog that has been traditionally published. But even googling Blook doesn't get me much. Am I missing obvious search terms?

I feel like I'm in uncharted waters with this stuff, and with my sense of direction, I doubt I should be the forerunner. David Wellington seems to have gotten a lot through word of mouth. But how'd he put the words in people's mouths? Was it all due to being published on brokentype?

Also: Updated Scary Mary


DustinM said...

>>Am I missing obvious search terms?
Try the following terms:
Blog Fiction
Fictional Blog

(Those searches eventually led me to find you)
Then, (warning: shameless self-promotion coming) you can check out the forums over at my website. I'm listing links to as much Blog Fiction that I can find. Although, to warn you, I am concentrating on Blog Fiction only that is a small subset of what you're interested in, novelogs.

Windvein said...

Hi Dustin,

Thanks for the search terms. I saw your post on the email list for fictionalbloggers. For such a new medium (fiction blogs), there's still a lot of clearly dileneated fields.

Fictional blogs are different from what I'm doing, though I think we have the same basic goals: gaining readership, reviews, possible revenue generation.

Thanks for stopping by. I will try to check out your forums and contribute what I can.

Cheryl Hagedorn said...

Thanks for the mention. I'm curious about terminology. Fiction blogs I'm pretty sure I get. But fictional bloggers? Bloggers who are writing as fictional characters?

Also, since I focus on dead tree versions of blog- or web-writing, is your intention to secure a publisher or self-publish?

Windvein said...


Wow, thanks for stopping by. I love your blog.

You got the right idea about fictional bloggers: Blogs that are written in the voice of fictional characters. The content is usually like a personal blog. I haven't looked at the book, but Anonymous Lawyer was a fictional blogger. Also fictional bloggers can be split between original fictional character blogs and popular fictional character blogs. Two examples of popular fictional blogs are: the Incredible Hulk and Darth Vader.

An original fictional blogger would be Wilf's World, and dustinm's Terran Resistance, I believe fits the bill as well.

I have no immediate plans for publishing Scary Mary in a dead tree version, mainly because I'm an editing fiend, but I may publish SM through Lulu if there's enough of an interest. If I do, I'll be sure to let you know ;)