Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Holding Steady

There isn't anything really to report, but the comments that I've been getting have really bolstered my confidence in this project. Thank you to everyone who have sent me feedback. I've gotten a few comments on the latest chapter of Scary Mary, and I've gotten a few comments at Fictionpress. If you're curious about what's happening with me at Fictionpress, here's a link to my profile.

One thing that is slowly driving me mad though is the narrow white strip below the Blogger navbar up top when the page is viewed in Internet Explorer. I can't make it go away! And it isn't just my blog, every Blogspot blog I look at has that stupid narrow white strip. What is the freaking deal? It just showed up one day. It did get me to look at my blogs through Firefox which I don't use, and I caught a formatting problem with the banner on Scary Mary. I was able to fix it and now it looks like it should and no narrow white strip when viewed with Firefox. It's almost enough to make me switch browsers. I can't find any mention of this anywhere by anyone. I tried asking Blogger help about it on a discussion board but have been ignored and those boards are really slow and clunky so no confidence inspired there anyway, but I did get to promote Scary Mary which has brought a few brave souls to the blog and who have kindly commented.

Otherwise, that's it! New chapter coming Friday.

P.S. And I swear, I am not on crack, though rereading this post makes me wonder.

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