Saturday, November 3, 2007

It's Done!

It's funny. I was so worried about posting the 13th chapter to Scary Mary while on vacation, I completely forgot about posting the LAST chapter the next Friday, which was today. I scrambled to get it edited and I wrote a whole new segment for it after posting it, so had to update and repost, but it's up now! It's complete. I will be trying to figure out places to promote it and hopefully get some readers. A few places that I'd bookmarked, only wanted completed works, so those are now viable.

I will be attempting to do Nanowrimo like I wrote in an earlier post. I can't believe I haven't actually tried to work on it any yet. I have done plotting, but no actual writing has been done yet. Ack! I'm behind. Anyhoo, I will be updating here again soon with God know what and beginning to post to Fictionpress again.

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