Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Free Online Novels

During my googling for online novels, I found Jennifer L. Armstrong's site Free Online Novels. She has written three online novels herself which she offers in .pdf. Her novels are linked to at the top of the site, simply click on one of the covers. She also has an extensive list of other online novels and welcomes additions to the list. I submitted Scary Mary for her list, and she has kindly added it. I've received 17 visitors from her site since being listed two days ago. That's more than expected, especially with all the novels available for visitors to peruse.

I want to thank Ms. Armstrong for including me in her list. I hope her list grows and that more readers discover her books and all the others she kindly gathers into one spot for intrepid web surfers to find.


Oilfield Guy said...

My novel called "Island Recess" is free online at

The site is currently seeking authors.

S.A. Hunter said...

Oilfield Guy, good luck with your novel. I hope you get a lot of wonderful feedback.