Thursday, December 13, 2007

Unicorn Bait Updated

I posted chapter 2 to Unicorn Bait. One of the reasons I decided to post my stuff to the web with a self-imposed schedule was to make myself edit but not indefinitely. By posting, I force myself to not just mess up the text while I fiddle with it but also to fix the text to the point that someone else will understand what's going on, also it's a pride thing, if I put truly sloppy prose up, I'll feel ashamed so I work and make it look good. And I'm not sure that makes sense.

I've also spent a good portion of the night wrestling with code. It's not anything anyone will notice, but have you ever known what you wanted to do, but couldn't figure it out even though what you wanted seemed like the most simple thing in the world? I've been cursing my template a lot tonight.

Nights like this make me really feel like a n00b, especially after I saw Cheryl Hagedorn's blook trailer. What did I spend hours slaving over? Figuring out how to get my links to change color when hovered over or visited. Yeah, I spent HOURS figuring that out. She probably could've made 10 videos in that time.

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