Saturday, June 21, 2008

Unicorn Bait Review

I got my first review of Unicorn Bait on Pages Unbound. I don't think Alex Predoehl has commented on UB's blog so his review was a nice surprise. Overall, his review was pretty glowing. He gave it an 8.5 and said he only lowered it because he personally likes a few other stories on PU better than UB. I respect that and 8.5 is nothing to sneeze at anyway.

I haven't pushed for PU reviews like others have. I guess I should. It makes sense. When I first registered with PU it was so small that my stuff was easy to stumble upon but now that it's bigger and getting more traffic maybe I should change the PU links to be links to my entries at the least.

Because PU isn't really set up to respond to reviews, I'll just write it here:

Thank you, Alex Predoehl for your review.


Stormy said...
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Windvein said...


I sent you an email.

I "deleted" your post so spambots wouldn't take your email addy.