Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Delay with Scary Mary print edition

I'm having issues with the printing of my cover with Lulu. I'm working with them to resolve it, but it is definitely slowing things up.

Here's what the cover is supposed to look like:

This is what I got from Lulu today:

The details of her hair is missing and I can't see the strap across her chest. Everything looks much murkier.

This is the second proof I had done. The first one was darker with less detail, though I could be at fault for a little of that by making the image bluier the first time, but I'm beginning to suspect that the printers do not handle dark covers well. I also wish, wish, wish that we could get them printed in matte instead of glossy. Dark covers are not helped at all by a glossy finish.

Now I'm waiting on Lulu to respond to my help request. I may just have to print another proof. But I hope not. I'm tired of waiting on this, but I do want to get it right.


Gia said...

You know, whatever stage this is at now, after looking at it and seeing your point, I have to admit, you and the people who you show your version of the cover to, will be the only people who can tell it's not exactly the same. Maybe it doesn't look quite good enough to you, but I think that even with you pointing out what doesn't work, it IS a good cover! It would catch my eye.

S.A. Hunter said...

Gia, after posting this, I came to the same conclusion. I did upload a slightly lighter version, but I gotta stop over analyzing everything.

Thanks for the compliment.