Saturday, November 29, 2008

Blogger Woes

Since Wednesday, I was getting 404 Page Not Found whenever I tried to visit my own journal and Project Wonderful was having regular conniptions because it couldn't see this site, though my other sites were just fine. Gotta tell you, that was a little off putting. Blogger issued an alert saying they were working on the problem with their custom domains, but offered no advice about how to deal with it or anything. I finally stumbled across some information that made me think the solution may be simpler than suspected. I'm going to post it here because it seems insane to expect people to figure this out on their own.

If you bought your custom domain through Google and are suddenly getting 404 page errors,

1. Log into Blogger
2. Go to Settings and publishing
3. Switch back to your blogspot address.
4. Check blogspot address to make sure blog appears.
5. Go back to Settings and publishing and change it back to your custom domain, you will have to choose advanced setting, then simply type in you custom domain address.
6. Check site. It should be back!

I don't know why this isn't detailed anywhere. Believe me, I have looked. It is so freaking simple. If it happens again, I'll redo these steps, but in the meantime, my blog is up and viewable once again. Heesh. I wish I hadn't waited several days to do this.

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Richard Peevers said...

Sorry this is slightly off-topic but I wanted to drop you a line thanking you for the review of Undead Flowers on Web Fiction you wrote about six months ago!

I'm sorry I wasn't able to read it earlier--it's a really fair review and it gives me a lot to think about!