Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Some Serial Love

In a sort of reverse to expectations that became an underdog win, a serial (Or at least, I'm calling it a serial. It's a fictional character blog too I suppose.) was listed on PC World's Top 11 Lamest Blogs, but people were so charmed by the odd-ball storytelling that an outpouring of support has occurred for the writer, and it makes me happy. The blog is The Adventure of Pat O'Neil.

The author seems to be allergic to the Enter key, but it suits the rambling fashion of his stories. I increased the font, so the text wouldn't be quite so cramped, but the lack of line breaks doesn't detract from how nicely loquacious the voice is. These entries are meant to be read aloud. I left a comment for the author asking if he'd ever considered doing podcasts. I think he could be a star.

I hope readers stay with Pat's story and keep coming back. It's nice when one of our own get noticed and appreciated.

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