Monday, January 12, 2009

Fun New Listing Site

I check my stats like a caffeine addict checks the coffee pot. Has it stopped perking? How much is left? Is it still warm? Should I make more? Should I brew another pot? I've had one today, but it isn't even noon yet. I can drink another pot easy. Has it stopped perking yet? How much is left? Is it still warm? Should I make more? You get the idea.

Anyway, I was checking my stats, and saw a new incoming link. It was for New Free Books. I didn't submit to the site, but it doesn't look like one can you can send an email with your site's info if you want to be included. What charmed me about this site is the explanation text at the bottom of the page. It reads:
My Treasure Hunt Philosophy: I am checking regularly for ways to expand these offerings. I try to pick the best ones. "Low minded" books should not be here. Please alert me of dead links and books that don't meet good standards so they can be removed.

Just keep in mind, this IS a "treasure hunt." The random order you find on this list is not accidental. It is simply a recognition that each book has its own unique personality. And moreover, if something is really fresh, it will defy traditional categorization.

With that in mind, I will stay focused on collecting valuable links, and I hope you enjoy browsing the wide variety of offerings for treasures that are right for you. And don't forget your friends... you may come across something that is just right for someone else.

So I'm wondering if each time you go to the site the order of the entries is different? Hitting refresh didn't do anything, but it would be an interesting experiment, having the stuff rearrange every time so you find something new, but I think the person running the site just sticks the new links in anywhere in the list. The link to me appears to be a newer one, but it's among older links. The entries aren't categorized beyond putting stuff by the same author together. I like the idea, and I'm very flattered to be listed. It seems to have been around for a while. I'm surprised I hadn't landed on it before.

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