Monday, January 5, 2009

Rolling in the Debt

As opposed to rolling in the money, I am rolling in debt. I am in so much debt, not from writing, just from life. Yeah, this whole writing on the web thing is no get rich quick deal. I haven't sold a single copy of SM. That's kind of depressing. I really didn't expect any real gain from this. My royalty for SM is like a quarter a book. That's right, I have the chance to make a shiny quarter per copy sold, and Lulu won't cut a check until I reach $25 (so I've got to make a lot of shiny quarters before I see anything), but that doesn't matter since I've sold nada. That's why I've increased the number of ads on some of the sites. I don't think they're too intrusive, but I want to start making a little money. I've made about $20 total in ad revenue, but that's over six months. Like I said, no get rich quick deals here.

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