Sunday, January 4, 2009

Unicorn Bait Reviewed by Pychmum

Damn, I'm going to save this review for when I'm feeling down and out. Like when I wonder why I bother to write, I ain't making money off it, nobody appreciates it, I suck. (Every downward spiral ends with 'You suck', which is kind of ironic considering the metaphor of the downward spiral, but you're unlikely to appreciate the irony when you're in the whirlpool.) Then somebody writes you something: a note, a comment, a review that says, "Good job!" And presto, change-o, you're out of the spiral and flying high. Just gotta be careful not to fly too high. Don't want those wings melting.

So thanks, Psychmum. Appreciate it :-)

Link to review. :-)

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