Friday, February 20, 2009 Sales Rank: #425,686 in Books

OMG! Does this mean someone has actually bought my book?! I think it does! Before there wasn't a sales rank at all. I can't believe it! I thought it would just sit on Amazon forever and not do anything. I've sold at least 2 books now. One book was direct to reader. He kindly asked me to get him a copy and sign it for him and then ship. He offered to pay for all shipping and everything which is was really cool of him. Thanks, Dave! (It's in the mail, BTW.)

In other fantastic news, Stalking Shadows got two glowing reviews over at the Web Fiction Guide. (Disclaimer: I am an editor there, but I didn't writer either of the reviews!) Sarah Suleski had some good things to say about it, and if you can keep a secret, I did imagine Cordelia Chase when coming up with Vicky. If you're gonna steal, steal from the best I say (and cover your tracks well, too). I was very interested in Linda Schoales review because she hasn't read Scary Mary. One thing that she said tripped her up a little was Chowder, which I'm fully willing to accept because I find it tough to explain the whole body/ghost thing. I mean he's a ghost that's technically in his body sometimes, but how to explain that? I mean he's not doing anything when he's in his body except hanging out. He can't move it or do anything zombie-ish. God, can you imagine a zombie Scottish Terrier? I'm not going there! And I know Mary wouldn't be happy if I did. She'd probably walk out of the story, never mind the amount of trouble Rachel would get into when she snuck him into school.

Chapter 6 of SS is coming along. I think it may turn out pretty good, and I possibly won't be slaving on it come Sunday and delaying the posting until early evening. Fingers crossed there.


srsuleski said...

Cordy was one of my favorite characters from the whole Buffy/Angel universe. Her character growth wasn't so much about a mean girl learning to be good, as a little girl learning to grow up.

And then of course being possessed and eventually killed. Oh well.

Congrats on the sales rank. I think I've sold one or two copies of my book through Lulu, to friends. We're not exactly taking the world by storm but hey, I'll take it. ;)

S.A. Hunter said...

Hey, Sarah! Yeah, if you look at my rank now I'm hovering over 1 million. I know a little about how Amazon sales rank works, and I'm pretty sure one sale got me to 425,000.

It's a shame what happened to Cordy at the end. I don't understand what they were doing with her. The whole thing with Connor and Jasmine was just icky.