Monday, February 9, 2009

New Installment of Stalking Shadows Is Up (Barely)

It was rough today getting the new half chapter posted. I kept fiddling with the prose. I had more than enough written, but kept editing because I couldn't get bits of it right like the confrontation with Cy at the elevator. I still don't think it's working, but it's better. When I very first wrote it, it was Rachel who chewed out Cy for assuming her and Mary were there to screw with Vicky, but I didn't like it. I delved into Mary's head and realized she really needed to be the one who said something to Cy. I had to rewrite a lot after that too because it referenced the confrontation, and with Mary now being the one who spoke, everything was thrown off.

Things I had to look up to write this chapter: Grocery store cigars and what the emergency button is called on the hospital bed. The internet is very helpful sometimes.

Sort of unrelated, but when did Blogger start offering embedded commenting? That is great. I switched all of my story blogs over to it. I hated the blogger commenting page. Embedded comments is exactly what I want.

And I've added Stumbleupon buttons to everything. I'm thinking about adding Digg. Janoda over at had stumbled me and had encouraged others to join and help drive traffic to story sites. I have a Stumbleupon account now, and I have stumbled a few story sites. We'll see what happens. This very blog got about fifty clicks from Stumbleupon the other day, which I think is a fluke or something, but still cool that people are stopping by or rather stumbling onto my site. Wish I could get some of them onto Unicorn Bait. That site has been sadly neglected by surfers, though the handful of people who do stop by are reading. I can tell by the page counts. But I want lots of people to see how pretty it is now too. :0)


NiSp said...

as you can tell by comments left, i think the prose worked well. and i cheered for mary when she put cy in his place...

and UB is very pretty ;)

S.A. Hunter said...

Thanks, Nicole! I'm really happy with UB's new look. I'm glad you liked the latest installment. I think the next one will be even better. I'm really liking an exchange between Mary and Vicky that's in it.