Sunday, February 1, 2009

Viruses attacking from all sides!

I got hit with another computer virus on Saturday midday and had to stop and run multiple scans on my computer to clear it up, and when I thought I had, it popped up again. Going to go home tonight and look at the registry to see if it's in there, though all the scans should've picked it up. It didn't do any damage, but it's a downloader trojan, which means it'll invite nastier friends to my computer if not stopped and I don't want that.

Also I got a sore throat and a drippy nose. I'm taking pills, and it isn't very bad yet, but I'm feeling wiped and brain dead. I just hope it doesn't evolve into a sinus infection. I don't want to deal with the fever, aches, and mucus of that.

This week, I reached the end of my pre-written stuff. I need to write a new chapter to post by Sunday. I know some basics of what I want to happen, but it's not real clear. We'll see what happens.

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