Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Blogcatalog Declined Me, sort of

In my ongoing quest to advertise/promote my stories, I made a few submissions to Blogcatalog. I saw that they had a fiction section and thought Scary Mary and Unicorn Bait might fit in nicely. I saw another story site there and some short fiction sites. They declined all of my submissions except my journal site. (Well, I didn't submit Stalking Shadows, which would've been interesting to see if they'd accept it or not.) Their reason for declining the sites was that they weren't blogs. I guess that's fair. I no longer update those sites with new content. I still go back and edit them, but no new entries. I thought they might get a pass because they are on a blog platform and had other blog trappings like comments, but they said nope.

Now, I wonder if they'd accept Stalking Shadows since that is currently updating with new posts (except for being stalled for a bit). Shit, why don't I just make up a submission and see? If they decline it, I'll know, but other ongoing stories are listed, so I think I'm on solid ground with this one. We'll see. They don't offer a definition of blog that I could see, which would've helped. They're pretty quick at least to make their decision. I'll know in a day or two if Stalking Shadows is listed.

ETA 4/5/09 - Stalking Shadows was approved. So all ongoing stories will more than probably be accepted by Blogcatalog. How much traffic will be gleaned from listing with them is still to be seen. I think it will be a matter of how much effort is placed in joining the community.

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