Monday, March 30, 2009

I'm Tweeting

Twitter seems to be everywhere. I hear radio stations advertising their twitter. Almost every blog I follow has a Twitter account, and a lot of web authors have gotten them. I still have trouble deciphering people's feeds because like on Facebook, exchanges take place across two locations. It isn't all gathered in one place, at least not in a way I an observer can discern easily.

My reason for finally getting an account is to put it on all my sites and let visitors see what else might be happening. I could tweet about a recent WFG review I'd posted, or warn that an update may be a few hours late. I think this could be a very handy tool for me. I just don't want to get too invested in it socially. I want a tool to use, not another goof off option.

My twitter account is at and I'll have feeds for it on the sidebar of the sites.

ETA 4/26 - Why didn't anyone tell me I was using the verb wrong?

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