Monday, May 4, 2009

Almost Forgot

I know it's bad that I almost forgot to blog on only the second day of my week long daily blogging challenge, but Mondays are rough. Work is hell, and I have class in the evening, but I only have one more week of class. I've enjoyed Introduction to Painting, but it will be nice having that off my plate for a bit. I've signed up to take Painting I in the fall, but I'm taking it easy this summer.

I posted the first paintings I did for the class a while back, and I meant to post the second set. I've had the digital pictures for weeks now, but I never could muster myself to post them. Well fear not, here they are now. The assignment was to do a study in the light half of the gray scale and another in the dark half. I'm happiest with how the dark half turned out. My proportions and perspective are all wonky in the light gray scale painting.

Well, more tomorrow. See ya.

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