Monday, May 25, 2009

Scary Mary

The dead speak to her. She wishes they'd shut up.

Scary Mary is a complete novel free to read online about a high school girl who hears ghosts.
It is written for a young adult/teen audience, but everyone is welcome.

Reviews of Scary Mary

LL Book Review
LK Gardner-Griffie says, "S. A. Hunter’s characters jump off the page and into life. You are pulled into the story from page one."

Web Fiction Guide
Donna Sirriani says, "Go read this now."
Morgan O'Friel says, "It’s a must-read for anyone who enjoys supernatural stories, despite its high school focus."


Books and Bites interviewed me about Scary Mary.


You can purchase a hard copy of Scary Mary from Amazon or Lulu.

Buy the print edition of Scary Mary at

And coming soon T-shirts!

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S.A. Hunter said...

I'm thinking about changing stuff some with the blog, making it more static and having a post for each project that I just append new content too instead of actually blogging.