Monday, September 28, 2009

Reintroducing Myself

I came up with the idea for this post on the way to work this morning and not until now, after 9pm have I had a chance to write anything at all. I've lost the urge that came with thinking up the idea of this. I thought I'd tell a little bit about myself to let people know why writing doesn't happen. It wasn't going to be tragic or earth shattering, just stuff about my day-to-day.

Well, my day-to-day sucks. I work 40 hours a week minimum. My job is at a large university in a busy library and in the busiest section of the busy library, which is the media section. I shuffle DVDs, VHS, and the occasional laser disc while juggling student workers and answering emails from faculty who are coddled way more than I was when I was a baby.

I don't make enough money to live anywhere near campus. Shit, I don't make enough money to park anywhere near campus. (Yes, we have to pay to park.) So I have an hour commute each way if traffic isn't bad. I don't take a lunch hour so eight hours at work, two hours in the car, eight hours for sleep, and an hour for shower and dressing leaves me with supposedly five hours to myself everyday, right?

This is where my day gets hazy. I'm not quite sure where those five hours go. I fritter them away somehow. I know how I did it today. I went to Lowe's to buy Masonite for my art class. That put me home at about 7pm, and I fixed dinner. About 8pm, my mom calls to say she's driving by to give me food. Yes, I am slightly spoilt. She stops by, we chat for a little bit. She doesn't even sit down, so the stop is fifteen minutes max.

I am trying to watch an episode of the Vampire Diaries during all of this. (Yes, I'm watching it and enjoying it. Shut up.) I finally finish all of that around 10pm. (I've been jotting off and on in this post for the last hour.) I really should go to sleep in an hour. I have a nasty habit of staying up until 1am. I need to quit that. I've bought sleeping pills to hopefully help me.

The PLAN for tonight was to work on my art class stuff. I didn't figure the trip to Lowe's would take an hour, and I'm feeling really discouraged because I spent ALL DAY Sunday working on my art class stuff. I had to write a little paper, work on a painting, and do some studies for another project, but I'm still not done. I have to do more study work for the other project and finish the painting I'm working on, and the class is this Wednesday night. There's no way I'm getting it all done tomorrow. So you see, my day-to-day sucks.

And don't even ask me about writing!


Catherine said...

I really don't know how you guys (writers) do it - have a full time job and still write. And I don't blame you for putting things on hiatus.

My own day-to-day is just as bad. I live 2 hours from work. so after 9.5 hours of work (lunch time included), 4 hours of travel, 1 hour for shower/dinner, and 8 hours for sleep, I have 1.5 hours leftover to walk the dog/head to the gym/read a book/whatever else.

I had, at one pointor other, toyed with the idea of posting my own stories. But as you can see, it's near impossible.

S.A. Hunter said...

Catherine, you do have a tougher day than me. I know I get off easy for the most part, but still wish for more time. I hope you do try posting your stories. The next project I do will not be written as I post. It will be completed before the first post goes up. That's the only way it seems doable for me. You may find it the same.

Anonymous said...

Hey , i know how it is im trying to write but i dont have the time im at work and then i get home and sit down to write and all i can think is "whats going on at work tomorrow" and i just sit at my computer without writing anything , also i was reading your comments on the 10th chapter of stalking shadows and there are so many people wanting you to get the rest of the book up , i am just as excited to read the rest of Stalking shadows as they are but i told them to back off a bot and stop harrassing you , i alos thought of some things to get the story going again and posted them .

Keep writing ,


S.A. Hunter said...

Thank you, Maddison :)

Cath said...

Hiya! Yeah we all wish for more time :) I hope you're doing well! And if you do post something - let me know! I love your work..