Saturday, May 22, 2010

Dear God, when will it end?!

I'm starting to post the new and improved (and completed) Stalking Shadows. I've only posted the first chapter so far because I'm having to read through all of it for the zillionth time to catch things that are wrong. I've removed Jake from the story because his story, which I do want to possibly tell sometime in the future, was not really gelling with the Shadowman's. I really grappled with Jake's story and tried to make it work and that's partly why it took so long for me to get anywhere near to posting the new edition. Right now I'm stuck on the end of chapter 2 and trying to decide to either completely remove the conversation between Gran and Mary about Mrs. Polk (who appeared in the first story) and her new dog Tipsy. I think I might want to leave some mention of the Moores and remote viewing but I don't know if it's germane to the story and may just be rather random to new readers. And even as I type this there's a little voice in the back of my head whispering, "Why not put the letters back in? He could still help find poor little Tipsy." And I tell that little voice to shut up, I've already taken all the letters out of the story (even the new ones that were never published on the site) and have adjusted a lot of the text that referred to Jake, but I'm still finding little threads that were tied to Jake and it's annoying me because he was the B plot, never the A and how did he integrate so thuroughly into the story (maybe because I tried to integrate them. Shows me doesn't it?) But I'm hoping an alternate conversation will come to me for the end of chapter 2. Maybe something that will help the main story. So yes, I am alive and I'm writing, but I'm cranky. And new posts here will be me whining more than likely.

Can't say I didn't warn you.

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