Friday, May 28, 2010

Some Headway Made

I posted the new version of chapter 4 and deleted the post with the 2nd half of the chapter. All of chapter 4 is now in one post. I think I'm going to keep doing that with the future chapters. I don't know if I'm going to keep the old comments though. While they're nice to have, I don't know if anyone but me benefits from them.

Now for something maudlin...

I'm not really versed in the writing biz. I used to seriously want to go the traditional route, but I got discouraged really easily. Tonight I decided to poke around again to get info about getting published and want to run home with my tail between my legs in regard to how tough and scary it is to go pro, only problem is I am home and I don't have a tail. I really gotta take my hat off to anyone who writes and submits over and over after all the rejection. I'm never going to go pro. It was my dream to write for money. Now I just want to write and I have trouble with that even. I'm going to stop now because it's late and I'm getting kind of loopy from sleepiness. I'm hoping it rains tomorrow so I can stay inside and maybe work on SS more. Hope to have chapter 5, v.2 out tomorrow.


Anonymous said... sound really discouraged about the writing thing. It's really a feat to even complete one novel, though, and you've finished two! In comparison, the submissions game seems like a small obstacle!

Of course, the stories you have already posted are likely ineligible to be published traditionally (generally publishers want to buy first rights), but it seems like you are going to continue writing. Don't post your next project, and write a query letter and a synopsis! Maybe you could even get a friend to do the actual submitting--give her your query letter, synopsis, and manuscript, as well as a list of agents you'd like to try, and then wait to hear back from your friend! You won't have to watch the rejections trickle in...your friend can just tell you when there's success!

S.A. Hunter said...

Anon, thanks for the encouragement. It's tough to stay optimistic in this line of work. Yeah, all my stuff on the web would be automatically rejected by most publishers (esp. Scary Mary with the Lulu print edition). I like the idea of a friend screening the rejection letters.

Anonymous said...

I have friends that screen for each other--they both write speculative fiction, so they both know the markets, and when they finish stories they just hand them off to each other.