Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sometimes writing makes me feel old.

I'm not sure how this pinged my radar, but I had a bit of dialogue from Rachel in Stalking Shadows that has seriously gone out of date. She says, “Yes, of course, I know because I’ve been secretly stalking Vicky all this time. I have a small shrine to her in my closet. Every night, I burn bubblegum incense and cuddle a Kleenex she once sneezed into while I photoshop her picture onto the covers of Glamour and YM.” I decided to google the titles to see if they were correct. Well guess what everybody, YM ceased publication in 2004. I never read it, but it was one of those glossy magazines that the 'cool' girls were supposed to read. At least I think it was supposed to be cool. Hard to say sometimes with that stuff, but I believe it was. I've changed the line to Glamour and Vogue. Neither of those better go out of business anytime soon or else I'm gonna feel like a dinosaur and will have no idea what to replace them with. I've exhausted my knowledge of style magazines.

I posted the revised chapter 2. I left the end alone with Gran and Mary mentioning remote viewing and the Moores. Poor Tipsy is lost and will not be found in this installment, but I'm told she's bunking with a friendly beagle at a nice home on Maple Street. I figure a little extraneous information won't hurt anything at this point. I may get a wild hair in a few weeks and edit the exchange, but for right now, I'm leaving it alone. I was also able to revise and post chapter 3. There wasn't much to do to it so it was pretty quick. I'm hoping most of the chapters will be that way. It just sucks trying to keep the edits up-to-date between my word document and the blog.

I am planning to post a .pdf of the completed work.

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