Monday, July 12, 2010

Nearing Home Stretch!

The next chapter post for Stalking Shadows will have new content! But would you believe I began adding new material at the very end? I can't believe I'm writing new content this late in the game. I really struggled with the ending for this and it's getting very Harry Potterish (as in going on for chapters after the story is over), but I feel like I need to tie up some minor loose strings that were still dangling after the big bad has been vanquished. Jake is out of the story and I sort of miss him, but I think I will use him in the next Scary Mary Adventure, but that will not be the next thing I'm writing. I have several stories in progress that I want to finish and then post. Those won't be done serially I think. I definitely won't be posting as I write. I'm never doing that again. The pressure burned me out in a major way. I don't know which story will be posted next. It'll be whichever finishes first. I have an urban fantasy, a superhero story, a juvenile vampire story, and a juvenile fantasy all in the works. Word count wise the urban fantasy is the furtherest along, but I've stalled out on it a bit, and since I've been really focusing once again on Stalking Shadows and pushing myself to post it, I haven't glanced at any of my other works in progress, except the juvenile vamp story b/c I've been primarily writing it on my i-phone. Though you want to talk about rough drafts, try writing on an i-phone, there is no going back to edit and porting the text over to my PC is like getting a root canal. Anyway, just wanted to say Woohoo! new content almost posted to Stalking Shadows and hopefully, I'll have the full thing posted in a couple of weeks and then I can scream it from the moutaintops.

Oh, and I redesigned Scary Mary's banner a little and redid the buttons. That was fun, though I don't know if Eli over at Novelr will like this font better. It might still make his eyes bleed. Oh well.

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