Saturday, July 31, 2010


Well, I don't know if this means I've finally arrived, but I found an unauthorized copy of Scary Mary up online last night as I was searching for reviews of SM. It seems a young lady has put my story up at wattpad, which is funny b/c Lulu has just partnered with them and sent me an email saying how wonderful the site is. Didn't figure I'd already be on it...I've left comments for the user to kindly remove my story, but I think she may no longer be active on the site. I'm not upset per se, but I don't want to leave the story up like that. If I don't see any action in a few days, I'll pursue channels on the site to have the story removed.

My insistence that this copy be removed may seem strange b/c I do offer SM free here and now over at Smashwords, but I feel like I should have some control over where the story exists. I don't like the idea of people posting my story and getting feedback on it and generating attention for themselves. I want the attention. I'm greedy like that. We'll see what happens...

I posted what happened over at Web Fiction Guide to hear other authors' take on the subject. Those that publish in .pdf form were much happier to see their stuff posted by others on download sites. I think the format of how something is published will determine an author's reaction when something like this happens. Well, the author's feelings on this will probably determine the format they publish in actually. I think it's interesting the willingness some authors have in sharing their work. Sharing my writing has always been kind of nerve wracking for me, so their happiness with it being everywhere like that is sort of incomprehensible. I mean I get stage fright so their freeness is something sort of alien. Anyway, I set up some Google alerts for all my work to try and keep better track of stuff like this and not find out about is six months or more after the fact.

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