Thursday, July 22, 2010

Responding to a few comments

Fiona asked about the reason for Gran's bad mood in the last few chapters of Stalking Shadows, and I confess that I may have not made it very clear. I'm worried that her motivation may not be actually logical and that's why Fiona and possibly others don't get her or assume there's more at play than a conflicted person like possibly supernatural involvement. I'm not sure what to do. I hope Fiona can come back and reply to my comments and tell me what could help her understand.

Another very good reader comment was by Steve who wondered about Gran's reaction to something that happened to Mr. White, (I'm trying to stay clear of spoilers.) and the truth is I didn't consider Gran's reaction very clearly. I think it has something to do with POV tunnel vision. I was focusing on Mary and what she was going through I didn't spare Gran a glance. But I should've b/c Mary would have.

That's one of the tricky aspects of storytelling. The author assumes since she's making up everything that only what she presents matters, but she has to remember that while she's writing a story, she's creating a world full of people and places. While the story may only be showing a small sliver of that world, it has to be rich with details b/c everything is interconnected. Things don't stop just because the POV is turned from them. Gran was going through something, but I didn't notice it. I don't know if I'm explaining that well at all, but I'm very glad Steve pointed out something I missed.

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