Thursday, July 29, 2010

Smashwords #398 in queue

That's what it says right at this moment with my upload to Smashwords. Just under 400 other books are being uploaded ahead of me. I've set Scary Mary at free for now on there. I'm not sure if it will stay that way because I do love dubloons, but for now I'm leaving it as is. One reason is because the story is still free online at the website. I wouldn't feel right if someone bought it without realizing they could read it free online. I'm not sure if anyone would buy my book without first coming in through the website, but I'd rather not take that chance right now. If I do set a price, I figure it will be low. The minimum is $.99. I might charge that or a little higher. I have to see how much I have to accumulate before Smashwords will pay out. If I have to sell a hundred copies before Smashwords pays out once, it's just better to give the book away. Also, I'm not sure how the book will look once it is finished uploading and being converted to all the different formats. If it looks like shit, I definitely don't want anyone buying it.

Well, I'm not staying up to see if the upload is successful. I'm #351 in the queue now.

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