Friday, July 30, 2010

Smashwords Edition Up!

I'm sure I'll find some terrible flaw in it eventually (the liscence statement is wonky I know), but Scary Mary is now up at Smashwords. I have no way of looking at some of the formats, but of the ones I could view, they looked okay.

I'm quite surprised by the number of downloads already at Smashwords. In less than 24hrs and no promotion, it has been supposedly downloaded 63 times. I don't know if that's standard and if bots are responsible but it is intriguing.

I've decided to keep Scary Mary free. I feel like it is a little too short to charge for, and I am offering it free on the internet. If I were charging for it, I'm sure the downloads would be nil. If people read it and like it, they'll be more likely to check out other work by me. The Ipad edition may have to cost .99 though. I signed up to be offered to Ipad users, and there was some verbage to the agreement saying the price had to end in .99, and if it didn't, Apple would round it up to the next .99. I don't know why Apple would insist on it being for sale, but we'll see. It isn't over there yet, and I don't know when it will be available to Ipad users to see what the deal is.

I've been setting up my profile over at Smashwords. I even put up [shudder] a profile picture. Supposedly as I type this there have been a few more downloads of SM. I wonder if there will be any reviews.

Well, I'm definitely going to keep my eye on Smashwords and see how that goes. I need to go over to Scary Mary's website and put up a front page explaining all the different reading options and maybe post a few quotes from reviews.

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