Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Working but Slow

I've been reading back over chapter 12 of Stalking Shadows in preparation of posting tonight, and it's basically ready, but I'm not going to try and format it tonight to post. I got sidetracked a bit by deleting stuff at the end of chapter 2. I'll have to update that now. What I did was I took out a bit of dialogue that mentioned Mrs. Polk, Chowder's former owner, but since Jake is no longer in the story, Mrs. Polk doesn't really serve any purpose. I had mention of Mrs. Polk in chapter 12 as well, and it was glaringly useless now so I figured I should cut all mention of her completely from the story. I decided to add some different dialogue to the end of chapter 2 to take the axed text's place, but unfortunately, I'm stumped for the final line to finish the chapter. I may decide to just post it as is. The dialogue is just a little bit of fluff. Inconsequential really, but it's fun b/c it's poking a little fun at something.

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