Monday, September 20, 2010

Trying New Things

Over at the Fiction 2.0 Google Group, reading stories through cell phones was brought up. I've looked at my stories through my iPhone and while they don't look bad, they could be better. I would like to build a template to make them iPhone and Droid friendly but haven't found a handy tutorial for it. FrancesP though mentioned TextNovel. It's a story site for the cell phone. I clicked over and uploaded the first chapter of SM, which was ridiculously easy; all I did was copy and paste from the website. All the formatting copied too. I wish that was how it always worked. I'm curious to see what happens. Within the first few minutes, I was notified of my first fan. If it seems after a week (or sooner) that SM is getting good traction there, I'll upload the 2nd chapter.

Also, I'm trying Project Wonderful advertising again. I've tried advertising through them before without much success but that was more from my lack of commitment to the endeavor and unwillingness to part with any money. I've placed bids on a few story sites and will monitor how much traffic I get from them. I used a copy of the Amazon Kindle cover for the ad. I think it will attract more users than my previous old one which was a modified copy of the black and white banner.

I also shot Barnes and Noble an email asking if Scary Mary could be included on their Free eBook page. SM shows up fine on their site, but it can only be found by direct searching. Other Smashwords free books are featured in their Free eBook category, so I'm hopeful it'll be added.

I'm hopeful these new things will bring me feedback and more readers. I'll report back soon.

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