Sunday, August 14, 2011

Amazon's Popular Highlights

I just discovered Amazon's new feature "Popular Highlights". It seems Kindle users can highlight certain text, and Amazon collects it if allowed and then displays it on the book's page. I was thrilled to see Scary Mary had a few, and they were amusing passages, though I didn't realize Cy's mock gushing over Mary would amuse readers enough to highlight it. Unicorn Bait had even more highlights listed, and I began reading them with joy, until I realized mortification would be more appropriate. It seems readers were noting the typos in the text, and now they're quoted on the book page for all to see. ACK!

I'm the first to admit that my text is not perfect. I try to get it as close to immaculate as possible. I really do try, but stuff slips by me. It doesn't slip by you guys, obviously. And I don't blame you for highlighting the typos. You shouldn't have to deal with them. But...but...if I update, will the highlights be fixed? I feel like a great big red pen has whopped me on the head, and I deserve it, but...but...Excuse me, I have to go hide now.


Spice said...

Everyone makes errors and no one is perfect. Remember that.
I have read Scary Mary and bookmarked the sequel on my nook. I loved the first book, though I don't talk to spirits; I can feel the emotional imprints in a place or feel the presents of something in certain places. Won't go into my lil world, it frightens some.
But I have to say you go it so right with the throwing of things or such with Ricky in the first book.
If they want you to know their there they will let you know.
Darn door my house kept swing and making that noise that doors do when they haven't been oiled. While I was reading Scary Mary. Darn cats sure know how to add the background sounds when your reading a good scary book.
Keep on writing, the subject is something not many hit on the head when writing books about ghosts.

S.A. Hunter said...

Hi Spice,

It's not too many people who are happy they've spooked someone, but I am happy. Thanks so much for the kind words.