Monday, September 5, 2011

Finishing Touches

A good friend is proof reading Stalking Shadows now, and I hope to have it back from her in a few days. Once I look over her suggestions and corrections, I'll work on getting the book formatted and ready to upload. I will be charging .99 for it on all ebook platforms, but the rough draft will remain online and free to read. Once it's uploaded, I will begin going gung-ho with the third in the series. I wrote about 1000 words tonight to Long Dead, but there's tens of thousands of more words that need to be written.

So there's still a couple of more weeks until Stalking Shadows is out for ebooks. I updated the poll to allow voting to continue and bumped the post up for it to just below this one. Thanks everyone for your input! I have to say I'm leaning heavily toward the large blue shadow hand cover that Pinky suggested, but if you feel differently about which is the better cover, please let me know.


Allyn Berry said...

How are you ?

I like the hand on the blue cover, however I think the shadow effect is cool. just a suggestion.....Can you make the blue one show a shadow ?? or use the hand in the blue one on the orange background??
have fun
~> Allyn
plz identify specifically in the subject line

oh ps I loved Unicorn Bair

S.A. Hunter said...

Thank you, Allyn. I will play around with the covers. I'm not a photoshop pro though and don't know if I can transfer one image to the other. I could add a shadow effect to the blue cover.