Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Now Taking Requests

WARNING: I am talking about the Unicorn Bait sequel so there are spoilers for Unicorn Bait. If you are planning to read Unicorn Bait and wish to be surprised, avert your eyes, AND GO READ UNICORN BAIT! It's free! I don't know how much easier I can make it for you, except reading it to you, but I got a sore throat, so tough.

WELL, I have written over 2000 words today for the Unicorn Bait sequel, which is above the daily minimum. So go me! And in a bit of perfect timing, I received an email today from someone who'd read Unicorn Bait and enjoyed it. She had one request for the sequel: More cussing woodland creatures. And you know what, I can do that. ;0) In fact, I'm all for a whole foul-mouthed forest. I don't know how crazy I'll get, but when I originally wrote Unicorn Bait, I took dares from a thread in the Nanowrimo forums. That's how the Umbreks happened and the weird tree guys in one of the happenstance realities Naomi accidentally teleports to. Sometimes having a weird, off-the-wall suggestion helps the words flow or sparks the imagination. Also I just like crazy. So go ahead, leave a suggestion and maybe it will appear in the sequel!

Oh dear, I just found the document where I saved some of the dares that intrigued me. One has already jumped out at me:

Have male characters with the nicknames Bambi, Grandma, and Polly. Bonus points if you include logical back stories.

I'm thinking biker gang. Or the high fantasy equivalent. It'll be great!

So give me your recommendations, I'd love to read them!


Anonymous said...

Great book I couldn't put it down! Thank you so very much! I am dying to get the second one! When can I look forward to it being done?

Thanx Connie heddles

S.A. Hunter said...


Thank you so much! Considering that I'm only 3000 words into the sequel, it's a long way from done. If I push really hard, maybe June of 2012? But don't hold me to that. I am terrible at keeping deadlines.

Anonymous said...

I KNEW that Unicorn Bait was somehow a Nanowrimo novel! And it was awesome. I can hardly wait for the sequel. I’ve also published on Amazon and know how hard it is to keep deadlines. So if you need an extra reader… wink, wink… You can always reach me via nanomail (member name Speaker of Stones) and I’ll send you my actual email address rather than posting it here. Once again, great novel.

S.A. Hunter said...


I THINK I've sent you nanomail. Thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

I just finished the story Unicorn Bait and I loved it! I can't wait for the next book! I do not know how I was going to live if you were not going to write another book. I love to write and want to get my own book published one day:) I don't know how you make your books so good but I hope that I can write like you some day! Can't wait till the next book comes out!
(Don't rush on it. Take as long as you want so you can make sure it's just as good or better than the first one! I don't mind wating a little longer for a good book!)
I discovered Unicorn Bait on my Kindle when I was searching fantasy books and Unicorn Bait was free! Unicorn bait was the first official book I've read on my Kindle and I was not dissapointed! When I was done they wanted me to rate it and I gave it five stars (the most you can give a book):) Please don't worry about finishing the book in a hurry! I'll read the next book for sure. I'm 100% sure that as soon as it comes out I'll get it!
Don't change how your writting!

S.A. Hunter said...


Thank you so much! It's an honor to know UB was your first book on the Kindle. I hope to publish the sequel sometime this year.

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed Unicorn Bait, I just couldn't put it down. I loved everything about it especially the relationship between Tavik and Naomi. I didnt want it to end. It was wonderfully written and I connected to the characters straight away and really thought I was there. Im also very excited to learn that there will be a sequel I can hardly contain it..... So exciting.
Ive also read Scary Mary and Stalking Shadows which I equally love and cant not wait for the next installment.
Thank you so much for your wonderful books that I just keep reading and falling I love with. You have a fantastic imagination which makes the books come alive.

Thank you again,

S.A. Hunter said...


Thank you so much! It means a lot to me to hear how much readers enjoyed my stories. I'm really glad you enjoyed Unicorn Bait. I would never have pegged myself as a romance writer (and still think that's iffy), but Tavik and Naomi have turned out to be something special.

Anonymous said...

i loved unicorn bait and i can't wait for the second! maybe in the second one you can have like an ex of tavik to come back and that will make a huge fight lol also maybe you can get them to be able to travel through the planets with everyone like she can bring her family and stuff

Anonymous said...

What if her brother found a horn and he went to the planet where his sis is and he has an adventure of his own and it switches off between bro and sis and they come back together at the end

S.A. Hunter said...

First anon,

You are scarily close to a bullseye on the plot for Dragon Bait. There is a rival for Tavik!

Second Anon,

Neat idea. I think Bobby would have some cool adventures. He's a pretty cool guy and could handle the weirdness well.