Thursday, December 1, 2011


I did it with only a half hour to spare, but I wrote fifty thousand words in November! I really appreciate my local Wrimo group. I don't think I would've been nearly as successful without them. I'd never word warred before this and wouldn't have guessed it would be such a boon. I surprised myself with how much I got written while furiously typing in a room with a bunch of other furiously typing writers.

Now, don't get too excited because the STILL untitled sequel (I'm really struggling with the title) is not close to done. It needs another thirty to forty thousand words and then the editing may just kill me, but I have gotten a firm start on this book. That wouldn't have happened without Nanowrimo.

I have to say that I have seen some anti-Nanowrimo articles online and they don't make much sense to me. They claim that having a lot of people write is a bad thing. I feel there's an elitist tone to these articles. Like only select people may write stories. This is preposterous. Everyone can write a story. It doesn't matter if it's good or bad. Everyone can write a story. Now, I can have some sympathy for the agents and editors who get a flood of submissions from people who wrote a story and are now sending them in without any editing or proofreading. But I still applaud the person for participating. I think writing is a wonderful thing and everyone should do it. Now there have been studies that found journaling to being a health benefit. (One article here.) I think storytelling may offer many of the same benefits. I mean just look at the list provided in the article all of the bullets could easily apply to storytelling. So go write a story! Don't worry about it being good and have fun with it. It will do you good.


Olga said...

Hi Stephanie, how are you? Hope your day is going very well! I have just read your books Scary Mary and Stalking Shadows and I must say I have enjoyed them immensely. superb writing and well put together plots! I love reading but it takes a very well written book to keep me interested and I must say both of your books kept me well captivated and now I am hungering for the promised next sequel!! I know you are still in the process of writing it but I wish you could hurry up so I can get it to read! :) I know I am being presumptuous here ( I apologize) but good writing like yours is heavily sought after!! I wish you all the best in your future novels and I hope you will be be able to finish the sequel soon so that your fans will be able to happily read your wonderful writings!
Have a wonderful day!!

Fr: Olga Riley

S.A. Hunter said...


Thank you so much! Asking for more is a wonderful compliment for any writer. I am starting to get back to Long Dead. That yellow bar should start moving again.

lili said...

I have left a comment on quite a bit of your post but just like olga I was hooked from the getgo. please dont ever stop writing you have great talent! i sent you an email about getting a signed copy of Scary Mary

S.A. Hunter said...


Thank you again! Regarding that signed copy...I currently don't have Scary Mary in print. I took it down from Lulu because it was a very old version with a lot of typos. I don't have anything currently in place where I could send you a signed copy. I've played with the idea of signing up with Createspace, but haven't looked into it seriously yet.