Saturday, January 21, 2012

My Review of The Seventh Tower: The Fall

The Fall (The Seventh Tower, #1)The Fall by Garth Nix

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Garth Nix creates amazing worlds in his fantasies, and the first book in the Seventh Tower series is no exception. I teetered between giving this three and four stars because I felt some of the fantastical elements were rather rushed. He throws out brief two sentence descriptions of all these unknown beasts, and they seem to be there purely to identify what the form a shadowguard assumed rather than truly adding to the story, and since none of the animals have familiar names, it's hard to keep track of them and what they're supposed to be.

The magic system is intriguing being based on light in a dark world with a strict color heirarchy for the society with those in the red tower being lower than those in the orange and so on. Finding out more about this world would be interesting. I will try to read the next in the series, but I'm not rushing out to get it. The book is listed as being for nine and up. I feel like maybe Nix was light on details to keep the younger readers interested, but older readers will be left wanting when they crack open the book. Because it is the first in a series, nothing is resolved, and Tal is no where near his goal. This is rather dissatisfying. Nix, at least, didn't leave off at too taunt a cliffhanger. I think he would've lost a star on this review if he had.

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