Friday, February 24, 2012

Responding to Comments

I always love the comments I receive on this blog, and I try (I really do) to respond in a timely fashion with a witty and informative reply. I had a few comments lately that I wanted to share and share my replies because I think a broader audience might like them. (And I feel like I should've been doing this before now, but sometimes my brain is slow.)

First up we have this wonderful comment from I.C. Silverheart:
I just finished Unicorn Bait on my kindle that i got for Christmas only because it was free! I was seriously addicted to it! I couldn't wait for school to be over on Friday so in the last period which was my study hall I pulled out one of the schools laptops and read a whole chapter! When the book ended I was disappointed! I wanted to know what happened next! I'm so glad that you're writing another book! You made it to the top 3 authors on my favorite author list!!!!!!:):):) Take your time writing because right now I'm waiting for two more books! Take as much time as you want because I hope it's as good or better than the first book! I want to be a writer when I grow up and i hope I'm like you! DO NOT change how you write! Let me repeat: DO NOT, DO NOT change how you write! Have I told you enough? Let me tell you a couple more times: DO NOT, DO NOT, DO NOT, DO NOT, DO NOT, DO NOT, DO NOT, DO NOT, change how you write! I don't care what the other people tell you! If anyone tells you to change how you write punch them in the face and walk away! I would cry if you changed how you write!
If anyone tells you to hurry up and finish your book don't listen to them. They really learn how to wait. Take your time and don't worry if you fall behind, I can wait!!!
You are so great and I love you so much! I hope I can write like you when I grow up! Don't stop writing and what your doing!
My response:
Wow, you are passionate! I love it! I have no plans to change how I write, and if I do say so myself, I think the sequel is shaping up to be better than Unicorn Bait. I got so much wonderful feedback and interesting questions. The answers to these questions are being incorporated into the story. What's amazing to me is that I thought Unicorn Bait would be a stand alone novel, but the out pouring of love and the requests for more have prompted the sequel. Originally, I didn't know if a sequel would be possible, but now I can't imagine it not happening. Thanks so much!
Next is this comment from Angie:
This new system of publishing is really amazing. I like how much closer it brings the reader and the authors. And good luck, the more free time you have to write them more books I get to read!
Angie is referring to my hope of reducing my work schedule at the library to four days a week. This would mean less pay for me but would guarantee more writing time. She also discovered she could put a name in the name/URL option when commenting and not have to supply a URL to have a personalized name appear. You don't have to be "Anonymous" to leave a comment for me. :-)

My response to her:

Thanks! I have been able to factor in a day every other week off work to hopefully write, or at least recuperate from the extensive time I spend writing the rest of the week. I'm on a tough schedule right now. It doesn't help any that I'm taking a college course on top of everything. I'm taking Introduction to Computer Graphics. I'm trying to become a better cover art maker. This class is showing me how much I don't know. And I already had a BA in Art! :-p
The other day off each week is actually paid time. I have enough leave built up to do that without affecting my paycheck. I can't do that forever, though!

Now, I have to mention this because it was quite the geekgasm for me. I am a fan of Felicia Day. She has been doing some wonderful stuff the past few years. If you've never watched The Guild, YOU NEED TO WATCH THAT NOW. (Hulu has them all free to watch!)

Felicia is also a voracious reader and is the first author I fanned on Goodreads. She has begun a book club called "Vaginal Fantasy Hangout". She recently requested Sci-Fi vaginal fantasies. What she means by vaginal fantasies are not erotica per se. She means stories that have kick-ass female heroines that have cropped up in genre work. These stories generally have a strong romantic element and sexual content along with the story. I joined the book club and on a the Sci-fi forum commented that I thought Tanith Lee had a few books that fit the bill. The next day, I found a reply from Felicia Day agreeing with me!!! She knows the books I'm talking about and appears to love them as much as I do. I can't tell you how wonderful this is. Felicia Day actually read something I typed! Can I be more geeky? Yes, I can, but I don't know who else to tell about this. No one at work understands, and I don't know if you will as well, but I had to share! (And Angie, this is all proof that you're right--The online age is making readers and authors closer.)

Felicia is doing a video book club as part of the Vaginal Fantasy Hangout. I watched the first one and was entranced. She has assembled a great group of women to talk about books. I highly recommend it. It's informative and very entertaining!


Jennifer Hubenthal said...

I absolutely adore you! I read Scary Mary and I loved it so much...I couldn't put it down. So, when I found out that there was a sequel, of course I had to read that one as well and loved it too. I followed those up with Unicorn Bait and it was awesome. Cant wait for the next books in these series. I want to be a published writer and although people who have read my work tell me I am good, I only hope that I can be as talented as you. Keep your fabulous stories coming. Much love!! Jenn

S.A. Hunter said...

To Jenn:

I'm not sure what happened to your comment. You could've deleted it I suppose, but I wanted to tell you to keep writing, and keep sharing it with others. That's one sure way to improve your writing. Even if someone doesn't consider themselves literary or don't want to hurt your feelings, just their questions can be invaluable input. I'm glad you enjoyed my stories!

S.A. Hunter said...


Your comment was labelled spam for some unknown reason by blogger. I don't usually interact much with Blogger's interface and didn't see what the program had done. I just unspammed it. Sorry!