Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Like Me?

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Well, it seemed pretty clear that I should have a Facebook Page. So, I've set up a Facebook page. There isn't a lot there yet because I don't know what to put up and because Facebook has been flakey. If you have any requests or possibly would like to 'like' me, go right ahead!

I've posted some never before seen pictures. (All of 2 currently.) My current profile picture is one of the early ideas for the cover of Scary Mary. I still really like it, and if I can come up with an idea that's similar for Stalking Shadows, I might just use it for the  no-date-set-yet realease of the print editions. I even put up a poll that everyone is welcome to chime in on. The banner picture is of my cat Caper. I didn't know what else to post because Facebook said the banner shouldn't have much text. I could post a cover image without text I guess, but didn't have the means for it, and that's a pretty darn cute picture of my cat.

The page is in the new format so it has a timeline, which seem pretty wonky to me, and as I mentioned, Facebook has been pretty flakey today. I don't know how much tweaking I'll do to the page. If Goodreads ever becomes compatable (they claim to not be currently), I'll add that to the page, but for now, I don't know what apps to add or anything, and I don't know if I should make pages for each book or not.

If you have any advice or suggestions, PLEASE SHARE! I'm not a Facebook native and could use all the help I can get.

I've added a link to the page on the sidebar and here it is as well:

Ugh! And it would help A LOT if Facebook would freaking load more than 50% of the time so I can see if the page looks right or not! If it doesn't load, it's most likely Facebook's fault.

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