Thursday, June 7, 2012

Fun with Copyright

I've blogged before about pirated copies of my work appearing on various sites and have tried to put a fun spin on it, but it's beginning to not be so much fun. I've issued takedowns notices twice in the last week. One to a file sharing site that was offering all of my work as free .pdf's and one to a blogger website that had scraped a number of Scary Mary chapters and posted them as their own. They even stole my banner.

And to top it all off, I get a lovely email from the Amazon KDP team asking if I'm the copyright owner of Scary Mary because they see it's freely available online. Yep, I have to prove I'm the author. Amazon needs to tweak whatever new program they're running because it seems quite overzealous. Mark Coker even had to prove he was the author of his Smashwords Guides. I'm hoping the Amazon thing goes well. They've been very responsive in the past to my inquiries, but they are quite intractable on their policy. Trying to remember all of the places I've posted Scary Mary in the past was quite frightening. I've put it on Fictionpress, TextNovel, and obooko. It appears I deleted it on Fictionpress, but it's still up on the other sites, which is fine, but I hope I haven't forgotten any that makes Amazon ding me for it. I also hope the scraped content on that other site doesn't play havoc with this process. Google's canned email indicated it could take them days to possibly weeks to respond to my DMCA request.

This is one thing that writers and publishers didn't have to deal with too much before ebooks. Sure, there was always the possibility of illegal photocopies being sold or traded, but that isn't nearly as easy as uploading content to a file sharing website, and maybe it's because I'm just hypersensitive to it, but it seems like books get pirated a lot. I mean the fact that MY STUFF is getting uploaded elsewhere online is sort of indicative of how bad it is. I'm sure musicians and television people have it just as bad, but considering how people say reading is dead, the level of piracy makes it seem pretty alive to me.


Anonymous said...

That is beyond rough, and I somewhat know your pain with this. If I have to keep buying several copies of your books to keep you going, I most certainly will. ^_^ You are now one of my literary heroes, along with J.K. Rowling, Stephen King, Kelley Armstrong and Jeff Lindsey. So thank you very much.

S.A. Hunter said...

Oh nonononono, no multi-buys required! I'm okay, really! I'm glad the pirated copies are gone. The websites that I sent the takedown requests to have complied. It was all relatively painless. I'm not Googling for more right now because it's just dispiriting. Thanks so much and you've put me in some very august company. I don't think I deserve it, but I'll take it! ;-)