Friday, October 12, 2012

All Hallow's Read!

Well, I'm late to the party, but I saw on GalleyCat  an article about All Hallow's Read and wanted to share. Founded in 2010 by Neil Gaiman, it encourages participants to give someone they love a scary book. I think this is a lovely idea. I like the idea of a literary holiday. 

I feel bad that I haven't been reading much lately. I've been struggling to finish Bones of the Moon by Jonathan Carroll. Not because it's bad, it's actually quite good, but I just can't seem to bring myself to read. 

I like the idea of devoting Halloween night to reading. I can give out the candy and read a good book. 

This may come as a surprise but I'm not actually a big horror reader. I've read a good number of the classics, but I haven't read much modern horror, not even much King or Barker. Do you have any suggestions? I'd love to read them.

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Chuck in Michigan said...

Interesting. A writer burned out on reading. I honestly guess singers get tired of being heard singing. Who hears when one is reading.

Tim Steinwachs said...

I would recommend House of Leaves by Mark Danielewski. It may be one of the most unique books I've read in a long time.

S.A. Hunter said...

Hi Chuck,

Burnt out is probably a good way to put it. I go through these fits of not reading. It's like I don't read for so long, I feel ashamed to pick up a book like I'll be rusty or something. It's illogical; welcome to my brain.

Hi Tim,

I heard about House of Leaves when it first came out back in 2000 (the radio was playing the mash-up of Poe's song "Hey, Pretty" with Danielewski reading). I love his sister's music. I have both of her CDs. I've seen the book mentioned somewhere else as good spooky reading. I didn't know that. I just placed a hold on it with my library. Hopefully I get my hands on it very soon. Thanks!

Tim Steinwachs said...

Awesome! Let me know what you think. Yeah, I love Poe, too. It's cool how they did her CD and his book as parallel projects.

S.A. Hunter said...

I will, Tim, but the book still hasn't appeared :-( I'm worried the last patron may be holding it hostage. It should've come back by now.

Chuck in Michigan said...

I often read fiction and nonfiction. I often lean towards nonfiction.
The last book I read was "Dying Well" by Ira Byock. Inspires one to live with the time one has and to try to plan ahead for when the clock naturally runs out.

S.A. Hunter said...


That's sounds like a good book. I found it on Amazon and read about it. I think it would make me cry because I'm a softie when it comes to that stuff. Thanks for recommending it.

Chuck in Michigan said...

The kindle preview only scratches the surface.
He tells the stories of many others.

Chuck in Michigan said...

Thank you for considering it. No doubt it is sad at times.
I never exepected a review or anything.

J.C Paris said...

Whenever I'm in need of new horror, I always refer to some good horror magazine like Black Static or the recent winners of the British Fantasy Awards. From there, for example, I discovered Gary McMahon and really enjoyed his "Dead" books. Hope this helps.

S.A. Hunter said...

Thanks, J.C. I will have to check him out. The British Fantasy Awards list is a good place to look. Thanks for the tip.