Tuesday, December 11, 2012

I'm Alive!

I did survive NaNoWriMo. I worked more on the new project than I expected. I'm on the very edge of writing the end of Dragon Prey and then it will have to sit for a little bit before I can edit it. I need to reread Unicorn Bait to check details against Dragon Prey. I am sorry for not being a good online person and not responding to comments. Work has been stressful. I work at a university library and we are in the midst of exams now and though I'm taking no classes, I still get stressed. It's a crazy time of year. I just need survive the next two weeks and then things should settle down for a little bit. I'm still tweaking the print edition of Scary Mary as well. That has been drawn out far more than I planned. I finally got the print cover to where I like it, but now need to focus on the interior. If I could just get one thing done, I would be very happy, but I let myself get pulled in far too many directions. Focus is what I should've asked Santa for this Xmas. But instead, I begged for a Keurig coffee maker because I'm not twitchy enough as is.


Chuck in Michigan said...

Good to see your still here.

Jennifer Silverwood said...

Yay so excited to hear about Dragon Bait! Can't wait for that book. No worries, btw. You gotta work at your own pace sometimes. Just keep on writing!
Happy Hol's!


S.A. Hunter said...

Thanks, Chuck and Jennifer. I hope your holidays are wonderful!

Wolfdogqueen said...

I cannot wait for unicorn Bait's sequel. I have been waiting to hear the news of the release of it. Take your time getting it ready, we can wait a little longer. :)

S.A. Hunter said...


Thanks for the encouragement. I'm editing Dragon Prey now, but it's tough. It will be published this year. I'm hesitant to set a date because I fear I won't make it and that would be crappy.