Sunday, June 30, 2013

Stalking Shadows Re-Published

With less than a day left in June, I've uploaded the new version of Stalking Shadows everywhere. It isn't live yet at all locations. As you can see from the image to the left, I decided to stay with the original title Stalking Shadows. The polls results were: 11 Yes, 17 No, and 1 Don't Know for changing the title. I thought about this a lot and decided that using Mary in every title would get kind of boring and redundant, so I will continue to title books whatever I want basically.

This has led me to decide on Broken Spirits as the title to the third book at least. It's good to have that settled.

The new version is currently available at Barnes & Noble under a new listing, Smashwords, and Amazon, though the old cover is still what appears on Amazon for some reason that I can't fathom. Everywhere else, it is still under review or some such status.

I do not plan to be this close to the end of the month when I publish Broken Spirits in July, but don't expect it before July 25th. I promise to only have it live by the 31st. Can you tell I was one of those students who was madly revising my paper as I'm walking to class to hand it in? Yeah, I need deadlines to get things done (or at least to finally admit they're done), but they are the bane of my existence as well.


Sarah Pauley said...

*squeals* I'm so excited now! I'm also happy you stuck with the old name, I loved it best, grabs attention more I think.
I always get writer's block and artist's block to much for deadlines lol. I was lucky if i got any homework done in time when I was in school (regret that now though, wish I had worked a LOT harder).

CreepinessXD said...

Aww... I wanted the other cover for my kindle version of stalking shadows meh can't wait for book 3

S.A. Hunter said...


I'm glad you like it.


Which cover? The first revamp with the turquoise letters? I'm really sorry. Wish I could help you out. I've already deleted that version from my computer.

As I understand it, all of the retailers will allow previous purchasers of Stalking Shadows to choose if they wish to receive the updated version. There is no extra cost. Thanks!

stephy said...

I've read both books and I love them I'm so excited to read the third. And I too like the new cover better I wish it showed on my kindle bit its OK its the book that count.:-)

Anonymous said...

My birthday is the 26th so maybe I can read the 3rd book then. I hope so I feel like I waiting for a new toy to.come out so I can get it. Thank you for taking time out of your day to write those books

S.A. Hunter said...


I think Amazon should push an update. I'm not sure about that (need to get a Kindle), but I really think it should.


I'm hoping it can get out for your birthday, too! I am working on edit and am lining up a proofreader. This b-day gift may be a little delayed I fear. I have every intention of having it done by the end of the month, though!