Monday, October 28, 2013

Delays :-(

Hi Everyone,

I'm very sorry to announce that Dragon Prey will not be published by November 1st as I had hoped. I have only recently received edits back from the freelance editor I use and have not even had time to review them, nevermind integrating them into the story.

Plus, I haven't started getting the cover designed. I've been working with a designer to get a new cover for Unicorn Bait and that has been drawn out by my general lack of inspiration and indecisiveness. I think we finalized it tonight. I'll share it with you all soon. I really like it, but will be very interested in what you think.

I've been editing Unicorn Bait and going slowly. I've added several thousand words to it, and I'm not halfway through. I'm not adding new plot, but I'm adding text that hopefully enhances what is already there.

Have I mentioned Nanowrimo? I am fully committed to participating in that wonderful event this year. I've decided that I will be working on the 4th Scary Mary book. I have a good sense of the plot. It will be interesting to see what happens. I've never written a Scary Mary book for my Nano. Unicorn Bait was my first Nano novel (which may explain a few things) and Dragon Prey was also a Nano.

But I will post things here over the month in regards to Dragon Prey and Unicorn Bait. I'm not going to abandon these projects as I dive into Nano. I will work on everything and forgo sleep. It'll be just like college!

Much love,


Lindsey Lee said...

I hope it will only be a slight delay.

cf said...

Yeah, I'm afraid Unicorn Bait was not as brilliant as Scary Mary. Maybe you can bring it up to that standard. Although I hate waiting, it probably is best not to go to press if you can get a worthwhile improvement.

S.A. Hunter said...

Hi Lindsey,

I don't think it will be too long. I will keep everyone posted.

Hi CF,

Sorry you didn't like Unicorn Bait as much as Scary Mary. I am always trying to improve. Hopefully this new edition will be much better.

NarniaNerd said...

Unicorn Bait is my absolute favorite of your books - I'm both glad and a little sad to hear you're re-vamping it! Take care of much as I'd love to read Dragon Prey sooner rather than later, you've been working so hard and definitely deserve a rest; if that means a delay, I say go ahead and delay it! You've inspired me to do nano for the first time this year, so thanks oodles for that! Hope you're not wearing yourself out too much over all this writing, wishing you luck over the next month!!

cf said...

Just to be clear. I did like unicorn bait, but I just loved Scary Mary

S.A. Hunter said...


That's awesome! It's crazy and fun and an overcaffeinated adventure! My Nano user name is S.A.Hunter if you want to buddy me.


That's so kind of you to come back and clarify. I admit I first read you comment as a slight knock against Unicorn Bait and that bummed me a little. I'm glad you liked it.

Now back to Nano...

cf said...

No knock intended. The key word was supposed to be brilliant. Scary Mary would be way high in my list of best reads by any author, if I could produce such a thing, and I do read a lot.

Caroline White said...

Hi I'm a big fan and wondering if you could make another book of unicorn bait. Its my favorite book I read it 3 times. I was thinking that its Naomi and lord tavikcnew life. Ive been dying to know what happens after that. :)

Caroline White said...

Plz make a second book to unicorn bait plz

Anonymous said...

Can't wait for Dragon Prey, keep up the good work!

S.A. Hunter said...

cf, Thank you. :-)

Hi Caroline White,

I should be publishing Dragon Prey in the next couple of months. Sooner the better, but I've got a lot of things I'm trying to prep for currently that are delaying publication. Sorry, but it is coming. Thanks!

Thanks, Anonymous!

Caroline White said...

Can't wait bet Dragon Prey is gonna be another great book by you

Taina Velasquez said...

When is there going to be another scary mary book

S.A. Hunter said...

Hi Taina,

I don't know when the 4th book for Scary Mary will be out. I need to finish up with Dragon Prey first. It's the longest book I've ever written and I'm finding it difficult. I've worked on the 4th book, but can't focus on it. Sorry I can't give you a better answer.