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My Review of Gil's All Fright Diner

Gil's All Fright DinerGil's All Fright Diner by A. Lee Martinez
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This was a fun book. I'd read Martinez's Too Many Curses, and  would rate that one over this one, but I did enjoy this story. Duke and Earl are a werewolf and vampire respectively who are down on their luck and arrive at Gil's All Night Diner just in time for a zombie attack. That's dealt with speedily enough, but where did the zombies come from?

Earl and Duke are not glittery preternatural alpha studs. Earl has thinning hair, and Duke, a massive gut. I feel like Earl was the better realized character with all of his insecurities and false bravado, while Duke coasted on enigmatic smiles and the occasional raised eyebrow, but they were still an appealing pair to be with.

There was plenty of wackiness that seems to be Martinez's trademark, but the warmth for the characters wasn't here as it was in Too Many Curses. I wonder if that's partly due to Martinez's obvious railing against the current trend of alpha preternatural studs. He may have been so focused on making these guys romantically unappealing that the good will that permeated Too Many Curses got lost here.

SPOILERS BELOW (Highlight to read.)

I was rather surprised, in fact, with the late story romantic interest that worked out. With the bad luck Martinez gave these guys, I didn't think Cathy would go for Earl. In contrast to the rest of the story, it seemed saccharine sweet and out of place, especially considering how Duke handled the overtures from the waitress Loretta. And in regard to Loretta, was it just me or did Martinez seem to be fat-shaming her quite a bit? Duke of the big gut got attention from Loretta and the nubile high school girl, but Loretta was denied any lovin' because of her massive waist. I thought there was a bit of a double standard there, especially as Loretta kicked ass throughout the book. But this wasn't a massive aspect of the story, it's just something I noticed that I may be a bit more sensitive to than other readers.

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