Sunday, February 23, 2014

What am I doing?

I know I'm very behind. Dragon Prey is still not published and I'd promised to publish it last year. I am in the process of setting up editing for it (the second round). I have no clue how long that will take. I'm sorry that I can't be more definitive. I know a publication date would reassure everyone, but I can't do it. I set a date for Dragon Prey, and it makes me feel like a failure that I still haven't even published. I really want to publish this story, but one thing you have to understand about me is that I don't write flawless prose. I need to edit heavily and that it a huge time suck that often feels like running in place because I'll look at a part of the plot and consider changing it. I'll come up with an idea, but then I need to follow the dominoes and see how that change will ripple through the story and sometimes, this amazing change will screw up another part of the story that is essential and so I have to "CTRL Z" back to what I had before. I may have spent a day on this possible change and at the end of it, have nothing to show for it. That can be very discouraging as well.

So, what's the point to this rambling? Well, I plan to start posting weekly to this blog to let you know what I've been working on. It will hopefully be a way to hold myself accountable so that when I do get discouraged, I won't let myself avoid the computer and not work. If I have to tell you what I'm doing, then I sure as hell better DO something.

I'll try not to whine too much, and I'll try to be somewhat interesting in these posts. So instead of picking arbitrary publication dates, I'll just steadily work and get stuff done and hopefully published.

Something I've been working on this week is the blurb to Dragon Prey. I'll paste it below. I hope you find it intriguing. I struggle with blurbs, but am proud of this one. Let me know what you think.

In the inns of Terratu, bards tell the story of Lady Naomi, the unicorn mistress. It’s a grand story, in which she saves the unicorns and defeats the insane god Errilol. At the end, she lives happily ever after with her husband Lord Tavik. But unfortunately, the story’s about to change because there are two Lady Naomi’s and one of them is a fraud.

The fraud is the one who killed the god. The fraud is the one who helped the unicorns. The fraud is the one who got the happy ending, and the real Lady Naomi feels cheated and wants it for herself. With one little sip from a love potion, Tavik’s planning to marry the real Lady Naomi, and a price is put on the other Naomi’s head,

Naomi rushes to find an antidote before Tavik marries the real Lady Naomi. She’s hampered, though, by the reward Tavik has placed on her dead head. (Divorce doesn’t exist in Terratu.) She almost has it when a dragon shows up to ruin her plans.

ETA: I NEED BETA READERS! I'm looking for 3-5 beta readers for Dragon Prey. If you're interested and have time now-ish to read and comment on the novel, please send me an email: sahunter(at)

What I'm looking for: general comments on plot. I need to know if there are plot holes or if stuff just doesn't make sense. I'd appreciate a quick turnaround time. So if you volunteer, I would expect your comments in hopefully a week.

If you volunteer, you agree to not share the manuscript with anyone else. (Sorry, but I have to add that.) Thanks in advance!

Thank you to everyone that volunteered. I appreciate all the help! I've gotten four readers now.


Anonymous said...

Aww don't feel bad about not being able to meet deadlines! :) I'm sure all your readers are understanding of your schedule, and if it makes you feel better, I'm procrastinating on my RE and English project. :P I am a true rebel at heart. xD

I am not meaning to be presumptuous, or slightly bold, cos I know you're really busy - as describe in your blog! - but will you be writing a fourth book for the Scary Mary series? I am a H.U.G.E fan of them, and I read it over and over and recommended it to my friends too. :)

Also, I'm curious, has Broken Spirits been renamed Long Dead, because I recall there being a word counter at the bottom of the page, and I think it said Long Dead was finished and the 3rd book of the Scary Mary series?

Thanks so much !! :)

S.A. Hunter said...

Hi Anon,

I am working on the 4th book. I have no date for it. I changed the title to the third book from Long Dead to Broken Spirits because of a major plot change. There was going to be this decade old murder that Mary investigated, but I abandoned it. Long Dead referred to that plot and didn't seem to fit the new plot.

What does RE stand for? I'm bad about staying on task, but I'm always striving to get better.

Sarah Pauley said...

I so wish I had been online to have seen this. I would have volunteered in a heartbeat.

S.A. Hunter said...


Send me an email. I'll be happy to send it to you. sahunter(at)


Sarah Pauley said...

Emailed and it probably won't take me to long to read, I tend to be a fast reader.


S.A. Hunter said...

Email sent! :-)

Caroline White said...


S.A. Hunter said...

Hi Caroline,

Send me an email and I'll shoot the draft off to you. Thanks!