Saturday, March 29, 2014


Test to see why my blog has disappeared. (It seems it only have disappeared for me.)

I currently cannot view my blog. Hopefully, the problem will resolve soon. I cannot reply to comments, though I receive email alerts to them. I know others can see this website, so something is broken beyond my control.

ETA: Luckily, my father knows a thing or three about computers and was able to walk me through the process of editing my hosts file so that I could tell my computer who is, and now, I can see my blog once again. Gotta tell you, getting a server not found message when visiting your own site is very off-putting.


Wolfdogz said...

I can't see your blog either, just your blogger profile.

Sarah Pauley said...

:O Your blog disappeared? I hope it's working now.

Wolfdogz said...

I can't see it on my cell but if I click on "view web version" I can see your blog

S.A. Hunter said...

I've fixed it for myself, but I don't know if anyone else could be getting a server not found message. Thanks for checking on me!


I checked the mobile version settings. Everything looks to be in place now. I'm not sure if it wasn't before. Let me know if you still have trouble accessing the mobile version. Thanks!