Sunday, March 2, 2014

What have I been up to?

I got some responses for my call for beta readers, so yay! I wasn't sure anyone would respond, but two lovely ladies did email me.

I sent off the manuscript to those brave souls and have now heard back from them. (I am amazed anyone succeed with my, quite frankly, greedy turnaround time demand.) This next week will be looking over and figuring out how to work in their suggestions and comments. They've pointed out some plot holes that need filling so work is most definitely ahead.

This past week, I worked on Scary Mary 4. I wrote over three thousand words for that. I also read some very intriguing writing tips that I think may increase my productivity.

Because I know no better, I played with a new story idea. It would be a light fantasy, unrelated to anything I have out currently. The working title is Royal License. Sometimes, I just feel like brainstorming new ideas and so I did that Friday. No idea if anything will happen with this story. I wrote out a rough plot for the book, though I imagine it will be rather short. More a novella, than full novel. Again, don't know if this is something I will pursue or just idle daydreaming.

I did my taxes. Not sexy, but glad that is off my plate. Taxes are trickier because I itemize, and the writing income means I have to fill out several more forms. But it's DONE.

This next week, I shall be immersed in Dragon Prey again as I read the betas' comments and fix things that they point out. Thank you so much, Jolene and Lee!


Helen Harris said...

Just finished reading your 3 scary Mary novels. Absolutely brilliant loved them can't wait till the next one is finished.

S.A. Hunter said...

Thank you so much, Helen! I'm glad you enjoyed them. :-)

Christy said...

I have now read all three "Scary Mary" novels. I am looking forward to your fourth. -- Christy

S.A. Hunter said...

Thank you, Christy. I'm glad you enjoyed them.