Monday, May 26, 2014

So Close

Dragon Prey is very close to being ready. I'm polishing the cover now. I might even have the Createspace edition ready with the ebook. I don't want to post a date for when the book will go live because dates make me stress, but I'm very close. I've finished the heavy editing, and gotten Dragon Prey proofed by Red Adept Services. Once I get the cover ready, I should be good to go. I've been working with the cover designer Karri Klawiter for months on this. She's been very patient with me. She designed Unicorn Bait and Broken Spirits. I hope everyone likes Dragon Prey's cover (and the story, too!).Once it's ready, I should be able to publish.

Sorry for the radio silence on my end. I would like to tell you about going to RavenCon in Richmond, VA. It was my first convention. I attended as just a regular person. I went with a few friends, and we stayed at the hotel where the convention was being held. I enjoyed the variety of panels offered. I got to listen to a number of different authors talk. That's one thing that I'm not sure if I would want to do. Being on panels might be interesting, but I have such stage fright that I'm not sure how well I would do. I think it might be okay since it is a group up there, but still I'm not sure. I liked listening to the panels though. I enjoyed it overall and the people in costumes was very amusing. Someone in a Star Trek uniform held the elevator for me at one point and that was a bit surreal in a pleasant way.

Writing Conventions were something I wanted to explore this year. I chose to go to RavenCon because it was closeish and a smaller convention. I am going to an even bigger convention in August: WorldCon in London, England or LonCon as they're calling it. This is a very big trip for me. I'm going by myself, and it is my first international trip. Again, I'm only going as an attendee. I've bought my plane ticket and made my hotel reservation already. I hope to do some blogging from London. I've always wanted to go to there. I'm very excited about the trip.

Hopefully, my next post will be the announcement of Dragon Prey's publication! Again I won't say a date, but maybe in a week, or a weekish? I'm very close!


Sarah Pauley said...

OMGosh! I'm so excited for Dragon Prey! this news has made my day (I was having a bad evening/night). Now I'm just excited. This does mean I need to get money asap though lol.

Oh wow! Sounds like you had a great time though. I've never been to any conventions. *shudders at just thought of being in front of people* Yeah, so not brave enough for that. :O Someone in a Star Trek costume? My fiance would have died lol. He's such a nerd when it comes to Star Trek.

In August? My birthday is in August! Will you do any sightseeing while you're in London? London is on my bucket list of places I want to visit one day. I'm sure you'll have tons of fun though. People I know who have been there have always had great things to say about it. ^_^

again, so excited for Dragon Pray to come out! Can't wait ^_^

NarniaNerd said...

Yay!!! I'm so happy to hear about the progress on Dragon Prey - I've been dying to read it ever since I finished Unicorn Bait :) thanks for the update, and good luck!!

S.A. Hunter said...


Please don't hate me, but Dragon Prey is being delayed just a bit more. I really hope I can have it out sometime this month, but to make that happen, I have to stop fiddling with the cover or my cover designer quits, which ever comes first. Hope to have something very soon.

Sarah, So glad you're excited. :-)