Friday, June 27, 2014

Short Story Published!

I'm very happy to announce that I've had a short story published in the June issue of Swords and Sorcery Magazine.

It's a fantasy story called "By Any Other Name" that I wrote quite a long time ago. I'm very happy it has finally found a home. It's free to read. I hope you I like it.


Ginai said...

I enjoyed the short story, "By Any Other Name". :)

I found the early going to be rather... wordy. That's my only complaint, however. As I was reading, I tried to guess how the story would end. One guess turned out to be partly correct, but not for the reason I thought would bring about that outcome. LOL The twist at the end was a wonderful surprise. :)

S.A. Hunter said...


Thanks for checking out the story. :-) I can accept that the start is a little clunky. I went a bit overboard with the setup, but when I tried to trim it down, I couldn't see how. I may be a little too close to it.

You might like better the next story I have coming out. I just sent back the contract and am waiting on the rest of the details. It's a light/YA horror story about a young boy. His parents thought they got him sea monkeys for his birthday, but they should've looked at the manufacturers more closely -- Lovecraft, Inc.